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How to make your first visionOS game 🥽

What I learned launching a game on visionOS after a 2-day hackathon.

Mon May 27 2024

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Mandarin Screen Saver

macOS screensaver that displays Mandarin Chinese words + definitions (in English).

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Hey, I'm Gabriel.

I'm currently building a modern software agency called SkyPorch, and writing about software development, productivity, health, Mandarin Chinese and more.

The latest SkyPorch product is, a language proficiency quiz using AI (currently only for Mandarin Chinese). Built alongside CY.

Also developing for the Apple Vision Pro in public:

Previously, I was a:

  • Software Lead at Flixed working across our programmatically generated content, API, and R&D teams.
  • Lead iOS Developer at Flow.

Here, I regularly publish new blog posts, projects, and singing recordings.

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