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Bullet points on getting decadent sleep πŸ›Œ


Some people are blessed with the ability to get great sleep, anywhere, anytime.

I am not one of those people.

If you're in the same boat as me, these tips may help you too. A lot of these are more indirect (and are general health points).

If you occasionally wake up and feel some variation of:

  • fatigue
  • eyes glazed/twitching
  • the sensation that your brain is unwashed/foggy
  • creakiness (eg. my joints feel tight/painful/inflamed in the morning)

Then this is indeed for you.

Link to this headingMy list:

  • Receive direct sunlight within 1-2 hours of waking up, preferably while walking.
  • Walk 30-60 mins per day.
  • Cardio 20+ mins per day.
    • I prefer running, but I'll occasionally settle for jumping jacks in short intervals.
  • End the day fulfilled.
  • Within 3 hours of going to sleep, avoid food & alcohol and reduce other liquid consumption.
    • my variation of this is intermittent fasting, but skipping dinner instead of breakfast.
    • if I still feel bloated close to bedtime, I get a quick walk and/or run in.
  • Use blackout curtains.
    • I find that if I wake up with lots of light entering the room, I wake up feeling foggy.
    • I use a sleep mask when I'm sleeping somewhere else and don't have blackout curtains.
  • Sleep early and wake up naturally around sunrise time (avoid noisy alarms)
    • for days where that is not possible, I use a Casper Glow as my alarm to mimic natural light
  • Avoid screens in the hour before bed and the hour after waking up.
    • I usually don't keep my phone in the bedroom, and I go outside and write in my journal first thing in the morning.
    • I also use software like f.lux to reduce blue light from screens.
  • Reduce indoor pollutants.
    • CO2, dust, anything else.

Last Updated: Tue Sep 06 2022

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